Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

The last week


In the photo gallery, you will shortly find a picture titled, the last week. Rather than wallow in the sorrow of the past, I want to use a picture of yellow girl , Richelieu's Faelhan of the Land, as a forward look to the future. Yellow girl already shows signs of being a great herding dog. I wish I had been able to get her next to our herding ducks but the trauma of dealing with the deaths of the other 5 was overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are pictures of several of the deceased pups. They are there to remind any breeders looking at this site as to what you do to the hearts of puppy buyers and people you deal with when you don't disclose potentially dangerous genetic conditions to those people. We on the receiving end are the ones who suffer the heartbreak of making the tough decisions that others should have made long before any subsequent breedings or puppy purchases were made. I put these pups to sleep because that was the right thing to do. Blue boy died of aspirational pneumonia caused by megaesophagus. Green girl, whose picture you will see in the section called "the last week" was already wasting away. Vomiting, throat clucking, chest heaving. No puppies or their breeders or owners should ever have to be subjected to something as horrible as this.