Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

mixed emotions


It has been an emotional roller coster this past 3 weeks. Yellow girl has now gone to her new home with Rosie Colombraro. A special photo section in the gallery will be setup to show yellow girl and blue boy and green girl and pink girl in the last week or so. Yellow girl is the only survivor. The other 5 pups in the litter were put down due to megaesophagus. I am currently conducting tests checking for both genetic and environmental evidence. At this point, what I have is genetic evidence on one side of the pedigree. I also know that our well water has higher than normal levels of nitrates. That is probably due to the agricultural nature of the land we live on. We have orchards nearby and who knows what chemicals may be on that ground. I am testing for lead, arsenic, and nitrate levels. We also will never know if Circe came into contact with some toxic substances around the time of gestation. I will post to this site whatever I find. Some preliminary urine and blood results from Circe show nothing outside normal readings.