Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

red boy, orange boy, green girl, pink girl say goodbye


It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to the four other pups affected with megaesophagus. I have never heard of this horrible condition until now. It plagues German Shepherds, Rhodesians, and several other breeds. Exeter is clean as far as I can tell. He sired 3 litters. I saw all three litters at 7 weeks. I know the horrible sound of that throat clucking and the vomiting and the throats pulsing in and out. I never saw this in any of the litters he sired. Furthermore, Betty Marotti bred an Exeter x Dezra son to a bitch that has a lot in common with my Circe's pedigree and had no such incidents in 3 different breedings. The bitches Exter was bred to were Corsair's Shepherdess D'Acajou, Tacaras Divine Dezra, and Dazzling Dawn de Mon Plaisir. Owners of two of the pups in the Dazzle litter were getting pups from this litter and their girls died of old age about a year ago. My Autumn is going to be 14 (out of the Dezra litter) Her brother Andre died a few months ago of old age. Yellow girl is the lone survivor in this litter and she will be spayed. I am devasted but I will move on. I have frozen semen from Achates (the dog on the right side of the home page of my website. I will also not throw out the 20 units I have of Exeter. At this point, I am going to do some tests on Circe to see if any information is revealed. There are no genetic markers.