Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

Blue Boy went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday


A sad ending to a short life. Blue boy had pneumonia around the 14th. He was improving seemingly after treatments. However, further x-rays showed his lungs to be even more filled with fluid. I took him to Dr. Fuller in Ellensburg and a barium scan was done. He had a mega esophugus, which Dr. Fuller speculated might be the case before we did the procedure. there is no surgical solution. I had him put to sleep that afternoon back in Yakima. he is buried next to several of Tamera's dogs. His collar is in the bowl of honor along with those of Achates and Exeter. He will always be remembered as a super sweet dog. He would have earned a lot of obedience and agility titles. He had enormous potential. See the gallery, blue boy.