Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

Out and about town


The gang minus blue boy (wanted to keep him home quiet and recovering) went to the post office, Kiwanis, the dentists, The feed co-op, and Dain Rauscher Investment office today. Pink girl went to the post office. They wanted to put a stamp on her head and see if she would go anywhere. Red and orange boys got to go to Kiwanis and get petted by some people. BTW . Lady asked how much they cost and she said that is about $700 more than she would spend on a dog. Now you know where we have a dog "pupulation" problem. Then on to the feed store where the lady has known me for years. That was yellow girl and I think orange boy there. Then to Dain Rauscher where theyt they all got to go in except for yellow girl. Sandy Anderson at the office always loved Exeter and that is why we stopped there. It was very interesting. All the pups without exception were taken aback by the new environment and/or people. Then pink girl said, hey let's party and things started to loosen up. Orange boy went for a stroll as did a couple others, but most of the time was spent being held by people. Pretty much the whole group warmed up by the time I left.

Oh one thing. I said in an earlier post to those of you getting puppies that orange was going to scream all the way home. Maybe not. This was a pretty quiet trip. I think they are getting used to the movement of the van.