Belgian Tervuren - Richard & Tamera Lewis

Litter update


It should not be this easy to whelp a litter. Frankly the primary risks have not been health or the issue of the mother squashing one of her puppies. There have been incidents where Circe has stepped on some part of one of the babies while hopping in and out of the whelping box, but the pups have recovered quickly after a squawk or two. After I opened the first two birth sacs when the pups were delivered, Circe's mothering instincts took over and all has been fine since. Nails were trimmed for the first time two days ago. All pups are showing pretty good patterns of weight gains. Due to the influence of feeding times etc, sometimes one or two will have a surge or stall but it all evens out. A day after birth, the average pup weighed 368 grams. They are now at 1028 grams.