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Successful breeding using insemination. Recently I posted that my Belgian Tervuren, Ch. Esoteric's Trick or Treat,Cd,RA, gave birth to puppies. Comment on that. The sire was Ch. Richelieu's Exeter D'Allante, UD, PT. He was born in 1990. I had him collected first in 1995 and again in 1998. I do not know which batch the sperm we got was shipped from although I am sure I can find out. I do know that because the 1998 batch was done before October of that year, we did not have to do a DNA profile. Circe is a maiden bitch so that was a big risk. We did progesterone tests to try to do the insemination at the precise time. Circe was at .8 on April 24, 3.5 on the 28th, and 8.5 on the 30th. All blood draws were done at about 4pm because the lab picks up the draws at 4:30pm. The 30th was a Wednesday. I took Circe over to Seattle and she was surgically inseminated by Dr. Jessica Wilcock at about 3:30pm Friday, the 2nd of May. Dr. W told me that the motility was only 15% but that she had been able to get succesful pregnancies with lower numbers than that. On June 4, Dr. Wasson here in Yakima called to let me know Circe was pregnant. I would not have bet more than a few bucks on that result. She simply had not fattened up much. The answer to that came on Friday June 20 when I had her xrayed. We clearly saw 5 fetus structures (skull and spine). The actual litter was 3 boys and 3 girls. Picture is on the gallery section of my website

#1 I have to give dr. Wilcock a lot of credit. She is a dobie person. The Puget Sound Labrador people regard her highly. The Dane rescue people all refer their people to that clinic. It was crawling with Danes each time I went in there.

#2 I would only ...and I mean only!!!recommend surgical implantation.

Richard Lewis